Monday, January 6, 2020

What Dreams May Come True and New Thought Religion Free Essay Example, 1000 words

In heaven Dr. Chris manages to realize that the reality of what he sees is actually a creation of his mind. For instance, as a result of the immense love Dr. Chris had for his wife he is able to create a Jacaranda tree just infront of him while in heaven. On the other hand Dr. Chris learns that because his wife committed suicide, the wife will not be able to go to heaven because she will most likely create a life of suffering and negative emotions that will condemn her to eternal suffering (Williams). The examples from the film outline the perceptions that New Thought Religion has for the power of human mind and the ability of human beings not only to control their own thoughts but also to influence the thoughts of other loved ones. In essence, human beings just like Dr. Chris only need to learn how to tap and utilize the power of the mind and life will be much easier and bearable. Idealism. The concept of idealism implies that our reality is just but construct of our own minds. We will write a custom essay sample on What Dreams May Come True and New Thought Religion or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now According to Neusner, one of the core beliefs of New Thought Religions is the concept of idealism and that we start to become more productive once we become conscious of the persons that we are (284). In the film we actually see Dr. Chris and his wife Annie not being able to utilize their potentials during their lifetimes and are taught how to use them only after they die. After Dr. Chris is involved in an accident, he decides to stay back on earth and try to communicate and at least console his rather traumatized wife. By staying behind Dr. Chris does not know that that there are a lot of things he is missing in the place he is supposed to go which is in heaven. Once in heaven Dr. Chris has to undergo training by Albert of how to become more productive and by realizing who he is and his potential. After Annie dies Dr. Chris is greived that they will not be able to reunite because Annie is condemned to spend her time in hell due to her lack of reali zation of her potential. However, Dr. Chris is told that he has the capacity to change the life of Annie if at all he can find his way into Annie’s way of thinking and actually influence her way of thinking to adopt more pleasant and productive thoughts. In essence, both Dr. Chris and Annie realize that they have the potential not only to change their lives but also the lives of their loved ones and this aspect brings out the concept of idealism. Monism. According to BÃ ¤chli, Monism is a concept that is based on the belief that all things are united together by God.

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