Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Air Arabia Formal Report Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Air Arabia Formal Report - Research Paper Example The hubs are world’s tourist destinations. The strategic position of the airline gives it the power to establish business with local investors (Airarabia.com, 2014). There have been vagaries within the regional economic platform of Middle East, but Air Arabia has managed to make a profit consistently. It has proved to be a cost-effective airline despite the increasing oil prices. The airline also has survived the rising inflation in Saudi Arabia market since 2008. It has maintained its budget airfares to gain public support. The airline has operated in situations of political unrest in Middle East and North Africa. Its business survived the political unrest in 2011 and Libya ousting of Gaddafi. It boasts of strict adherence to Shariah Laws because most of its destinations are in Islam-dominant countries (Katsioloudes and Hadjidakis, 2007, p.593). Air Arabia has established a sound business portfolio over the years and has gained the attention of passengers who want to travel between Middle East and North Africa among other subsidiary destinations. It caters for clientele seeking cargo facilities between the destinations covered by the airline. It chose Sharjah as the central hub for its flights. Sharjah is an Islamic cultural destination that boosts high tourist influx annually. The airline also operates across 90 destinations with diverse cultures, but the help of agencies has helped it to offer a customized service for each cultural group. The airline carved a unique technological niche whereby it operates in remote aviation hubs with outstanding adherence to current IT developments. In a bid to increase brand awareness, Air Arabia has been compelled to adopt In-Flight advertising campaigns that have been by initiated in United Arab Emirates airlines. Moreover, the airline industry now demands technological adjustments in the form of in-flight entertainment system, overhead bin doors and graphic tray tables (Lück, 2013, p.65). Air Arabia is an

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