Thursday, February 27, 2020

Research Methods CASE5 Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Methods CASE5 - Research Paper Example It is most commonly applied if the statistical result of the research follows a normal distribution. Additionally its usage is only applicable when the scaling term of the data is known. Incase this is unknown, it is advisable to replace the term with an estimate from the data thereby making t test computation possible (Yule,1897). Analysis of variance or ANOVA on the other hand is a statistical tool used to analyzed research finding that uses the process of partitioning the research variance into components attributable to various sources. This tool provides a statistical test used to determine whether or not the means of a number of groups are all equal. In doing this, this analysis tool generalizes t-test to more than two groups in a particular research. A qualitative research unlike a quantitative one bases its study on the analysis of qualitative phenomenon of the research subjects. Such studies are concerned with the subjective assessments of attitudes, opinions and behaviors of a research group. Regression analysis is the best tool used in analyzing the research findings of a qualitative research (Kutner, Nachtsheim &Neter, 2004). This tool clearly displays the relationship between two or more variables. If effectively used the tool clearly depicts the relationship between dependent and independent vari ables in a

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